The characters used within are the property of Mutant Enemy, Twentieth Century Fox, and of course Joss Whedon. If you are under the age of 18, please do not read any story with a rating of NC-17.

Flavours - There are more flavours of hell than Baskin Robbins has for ice cream.

Rock Star Kink - It's what she wants, needs, craves. (NC-17, Faith/Spike/Lilah)

Access Denied - It's like ten thousand spoons, when all you need is a knife... to get that damn chip out of your head. It's meeting the man of your dreams... or someone else to help you who's not a lawyer who's awfully fond of mind games and mockery. And isn't it ironic? Not really, actually. But I guess it could be. (R, implied Lilah/Faith, implied future Spike/Buffy, implied Spike/Angel, Lilah/Spike snark)

Ego-Tripping at the Gates of Hell - They donít want to wait for their lives to be over. They want to know right now. What will it be? They donít want to wait for their lives to be over. Will it be yes... or will it be sorry? (R)

She's No Eurydice - The way into kingdom of heaven might be through the eye of a needle, but Lilahís going to need a loophole to get out of hell.

The Earth Beneath - "This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Just not, y'know, mine." (R)

Waving, Not Drowning - Drusilla comes back to Sunnydale with a surprise in tow. (R)

In Good Company - Lilah hates paperwork. (PG-13, Lilah/Wesley, Spike/Buffy)

Senorita - The Bitch Queen of Wolfram and Hart has a dirty little secret. One that Spike is happy to exploit in order to knock her down a peg or three, expose a chink in the Armani armor. (PG)

The Sizzle Factor - Spike and Lilah have the sizzle factor. (R)

Two Lost Souls - "He knows why she cries, and he knows why they stay together." (R)

Future Imperfect - A year in the life of Lilah and Spike, in which there is meaningless sex, onion rings, more sex, falling in love, adultery, a catfight with Buffy, and an unexpected happy ending that may or may not be happy. (R)

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know - Spike wants advice about his soul. He blunders in on the wrong woman. (NC-17)

se7en - Seven sex scenes, seven mortal sins, seven different Lilah pairings. Pick your poison. (NC-17, Lilah/Angel, Lilah/Faith, Lilah/Cordelia, Lilah/Fred, Lilah/Spike, Lilah/Lindsey, Lilah/Wesley)

Three By Midnight - Life in the city by night. Family matters. Training for surviving after the end of the world. Just another day in the life of Connor mac Angel, his sister, and their uncle Spike. (R)

Universe 617 - There's only one universe for them, and it's the best of all possible worlds. (R)

Number Four - A metaphorical bloodsucker meets a literal one in a seedy bar. (R)

Laure Alexander
The Burning Season - During the 19 days Spike was gone, and set in an AU after AtS 5.3, with no spoilers past that. I started this before we learned the truth about Spike, so ignore AtS 5.4 and on. Chronologically this would be set past Halloween, but in my own universe. (NC-17)

A Release From The Tedium Of Eternity - Lilah and Spike find they're a mutual convenience for each other. (R)

Day of the Dead - Spike's got used to being the only ghost haunting Wolfram and Hart, so a gorgeous brunette walking through the walls is a shocker and no mistake.

Movie Night in Universe 617 - With added popcorn.

The Sting of Salt - Lilah after the wine cellar. Spike after The Gift. Issues, tequila. (NC-17)

Miss Murchison
Pleasure Before Pain - Remember when Spike hired that icky pedophile vampire to torture Angel in "In the Dark" during Season 1? (Donít worry, the icky vamp doesnít really come into this fic.) Just imagine that Spike had a meeting with the torturer in a hotel room when he arranged to hire him. (NC-17)

Second Date - Sequel to Pleasure before Pain. In AtS S1, what if Spike didn't go back to Sunnydale and get chipped? What if he stayed in LA and fell for Lilah instead of Buffy? (NC-17)

Rachel Anton
The Snakepit - Spike gets an offer he (almost) can't refuse. (R)

Lilith Fair - The mostly dead have a confab. (PG)

A Two Martini Deal - Lilah has a proposal for Spike. (G)