Movie Night in Universe 617
by Lesley

Life's hectic for a busy lawyer and her souled vampire lover, but they always make time for movie night. Lilah takes special joy in making Gavin reserve them tickets for the latest chick-flicks. But this week's big opener is Legally Blonde 5, and Lilah has Issues about the portrayal of lawyers in the movie and Spike's appreciation for Reese Witherspoon, so they agree on a disaster movie. Ok, the whole averting apocalypses thing is taking coals to Newcastle, as Spike puts it, for folks like them, but they wouldn't pass up making out in the back seats for the world - maybe in another world, but not this one.

She knows she's not the first woman Spike's played with when then the lights go down, but she loves that she gets to reap the benefits of a century of practice.

And he loves it just as much when she drops a piece of buttered popcorn down her cleavage.

He squeezes her hand; the one he's been tracing patterns on ever since they sat down, and dips his head to trace the track of the butter with his tongue. Letting go of her hand with one last caress, he unbuttons one button of her blouse at a time, licking and nibbling at the butter and her skin all the way down to her bra.

She caresses the curls she's finally got him to stop gelling to hell and back, as he fangs her favourite silk bra to get to the sweetness of the butter and her. His nibbling kisses cool her hot skin and drive her wild. She reaches down, caressing the smooth nape of his neck, frees his shirt to feel his skin ripple with the pleasure of her touch. He groans into her breasts, as she unzips him to get her own back, make him feel as hot as he makes her. He rips the La Perla to bare her nipples to his questing lips, while she gives him the hand-job of several lifetimes.

And on the screen, the world burns.

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