by hold_that_thought

The Bitch Queen of Wolfram and Hart has a dirty little secret. One that Spike is happy to exploit in order to knock her down a peg or three, expose a chink in the Armani armor.

Like a cat awaiting a mouse, Spike crouches in the shadows of her apartment. Near midnight, Lilah enters, walking straight towards the kitchen with her back to him. Time to go....

“Senorita, I feel for you,” he sings.

She spins around slowly, a thoroughly unamused look on her face. But Spike can hear her heart speed up a little. Yeah, his girl’s got a yen for Mr. Timberlake. And he suspects she usually kills anyone who finds out this little piece of trivia.

Taking a deep breath, Spike belts out at the very top of his lungs, “But you could feel this real love, if you just lay in my--”

In a flash, Lilah’s across the room, cutting off his vocal stylings with a kiss.

“You think you’re clever, don’t you,” she murmurs, giving him a wicked smile and leading him towards the bedroom.

And it’s absolutely worth enduring whatever mortifying revenge Lilah will cook up, just to see the dorky grin that replaces the wicked smile when she thinks he isn’t looking.

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