Spike: Basic Facts
by Sally

Many thanks to little_bit for many contributions!

Though this list is nowhere near exhaustive, these are some of the basic Spike facts to know.

Name: Given name William, nicknames William the Bloody and Spike.

Appearance: 5’10", blue eyes, sandy blonde hair dyed white.

Physical traits: Left-handed, scar on left eyebrow, violence-inhibiting government chip in head ("The Initiative" through "The Killer in Me").

Clothes: Leather duster, acquired from late-Slayer Nikki ("Fool For Love"), generic motorcycle boots, black jeans. Often wears a black shirt, sometimes with red shirt layered over. Has painted nails black on occasion and worn eyeliner. Showed fondness for heavy, chunky chains during Season Six. Had a skeleton ring that he gave to Buffy in "Something Blue." Once wore a tight, ¾-sleeve, bright blue top that’s best forgotten ("Beneath You").

Grew up: Presumably, London - middle-to-upper-class.

Family: Father, presumably dead. Mother, Anne. Mother was dying of tuberculosis when Spike né William was sired by Drusilla. Spike then sired his mother to end her suffering. It...ended badly ("Lies My Parents Told Me"). Claims to have a cousin married to a regurgitating Frovlax demon.

Vampiric Family: The Master sired Darla who sired Angel(us) who sired Drusilla who sired Spike...and a partridge in a pear tree. Spike or Drusilla sired Sheila ("School Hard"), Spike probably – but not definitely – sired Billy Fordham ("Lie to Me"), and definitely sired Holden Webster and several others while under The First Evil’s control ("Conversations With Dead People," "Sleeper").

Sired: By Drusilla in London, 1880 ("Fool For Love").

Known Paramours: Cecily Underwood (unrequited, "Fool For Love"), Drusilla (first love, "Fool For Love" through "Lovers Walk"), Harmony Kendall (convenient, "Harsh Light of Day" through "Crush"), Buffybot (sex toy, "Intervention"), Buffy Anne Summers (obsession/love, "Out of My Mind" through "Chosen"), Anya Christina Emanuella Jenkins (one-night stand, "Entropy").

Associates/Friends: Clement/Clem ("Older and Far Away," "Seeing Red"), Adam ("The Yoko Factor"), Anya ("Where the Wild Things Are," "Entropy"), Joyce ("Forever"), Angelus (hard to classify, in regards to Spike, but close enough), sometimes various Scoobies.

Enemies: Robin Wood ("Lies My Parents Told Me"), the shark man ("Tabula Rasa"), Lenny ("Lovers Walk"), Angel (hard to classify, in regards to Spike, but close enough), Mayor Richard Wilkins ("Lovers Walk"), much of the demon population post-Doomed, sometimes various Scoobies.

Languages: Can speak Fyarl, could not speak Chinese as of 1900.

Slayers Killed: Xin Rong, 1900, China during Boxer Rebellion; Nikki, 1977, New York City on subway.

Locations Visited: London, England ("Fool For Love"); Prague ("School Hard"); China ("Fool For Love"); Brazil ("Fool For Love"); Romania ("Darla"); Bethel, New York (Woodstock, "School Hard"); New York City, New York ("Fool For Love"); Los Angeles, California ("In the Dark"); Sunnydale, California ("School Hard").

Residences: The factory ("School Hard" through "Passion"), Crawford St. Mansion ("I Only Have Eyes For You" through "Becoming 2"), Brazil? (Season 3), underground cave in Sunnydale ("Harsh Light of Day"), Initiative lab ("Wild at Heart" through "The Initiative"), Giles’s ("Pangs" through "Hush"), Xander’s ("Doomed" through "A New Man"), crypt ("The I in Team" through "Seeing Red"), Africa ("Villains" through "Grave"), Sunnydale High School basement ("Lessons" through "Selfless"), Xander’s apartment ("Him" through "Sleeper"), Buffy’s house ("Never Leave Me"), The First Evil’s cave ("Bring On the Night" through "Showtime"), and Buffy’s basement ("Potential" through "Chosen").

Food: Likes - People, Blooming Onions ("Crush"), Buffalo Wings ("Fool For Love"), Weetabix ("Hush"), hot cocoa with marshmallows ("Lovers Walk"). Dislikes – Pig’s blood, puppies ("Passion").

Alcohol: Jack Daniel’s ("Lovers Walk"), whisky ("Entropy"), brandy ("Pangs"), beer ("Fool For Love").

Minions: Is not afraid to delegate work to other vamps (Dalton, "What’s My Line?," Marcus, "In the Dark"). Once employed some Fyarl demons.

Hobbies: Television – Passions ("Something Blue"), Dawson’s Creek ("Out of My Mind"); Shakespeare (Henry V, "The Gift"). Kitten poker ("Life Serial").

Transportation: 1959 black DeSoto Adventurer ("School Hard" through "Fool For Love"). Yamaha motorcycle ("Bargaining" through "Empty Places").

Miscellaneous: Smokes (no brand given), went to Africa and underwent trials to receive a soul at the end of Season Six, died helping to close the Hellmouth ("Chosen").

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