Psychological Evaluation
by Jennifer-Oksana (www)

Morgan, Lilah
Psychological Evaluation by Jennifer-Oksana (Wolfram and Hart, Internal Psychology Division)

The subject is Lilah Morgan, Vice President of Special Projects. There seems to me to be certain very important points to her personality that should never be forgotten when dealing with or writing about Ms. Morgan.

One: she is incredibly bright and incredibly paranoid. As a good employee of Wolfram and Hart, Lilah has planned very deftly for any number of contingencies. She tries to be at least two steps ahead of anyone she's working with.

Two: she has an extremely conflicted relationship with traditional femininity. On the one hand, Lilah is extraordinarily vain and fashion-obsessed. She is always impeccably dressed and her attempts to be fashionable have occasionally gone wrong (see bangs, 2001-2002). She is also very image-conscious and despises being humiliated or looking bad publicly. On the other hand, Lilah eschews the traditional feminine goals: she is not interested in nurturing others. She is not interested in motherhood or marriage. Most of her sexual relationships have a B&D aspect to them, and there is some question to her sexuality as well. Power and control define her sexual interactions and personal relationships. This woman isn't interested in a trophy wife--she'd rather HAVE the trophy wife.

Three: Her devotion to her job is extremely high. Lilah craves the attention, drama, and danger that comes with working at Wolfram and Hart. In some cases, she seems dangerously assured that she will survive even a trip to Hell, provoking notorious characters. Oftentimes, her provocations seem to have no further purpose than childish mind games, suggesting that she achieves some sort of (sexual?) satisfaction from this sort of play. She is also alive to job advancement. She is willing to betray immediate superiors to further personal agendas. Nevertheless, Lilah Morgan is devoted to the security of her job at Wolfram and Hart and is not interested in rocking the boat. She would only leave her job if she was certain that the position would be immediately fatal.

Four: She lives hard in certain respects. Her relationships are short-term, discreet, and occasionally shady (again, see unclear sexuality). There is some indication that Ms. Morgan has certain interests in the BDSM scene that she will not indulge due to fear of W&H's reaction. Single-malt scotch is Ms. Morgan's best friend--her favorite hangout is a hotel bar in Beverly Hills that serves 20-year-old scotch. Has found enjoyment in recruiting and helping train assassins. Irreverent attitude toward several of the firm's goals--probably needed to maintain sanity.

In any case, terms to keep in mind when considering Lilah Morgan are as follows: power-hungry, mind-game-player, provocative, intensely sexual, canny, paranoid, brilliant, completely unsentimental. In my professional opinion, the best way to keep Lilah in top form is to send unexpected challenges her way and leave her as publicly unsupervised as possible. She seems to thrive on this.

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