by Jennifer-Oksana (www)

Employee Name: Morgan, Lilah

Date of Bith: Technically, we don't know. Given the graduation date from law school (learned in Dead End) and the part where SR was born in 1969, it seems most likely that 1969 is the year. Best guesses for month include April (see favorite gemstone), August (Lilah is such a Leo), or May (because of sweeps).

Date of Death: early February 2003, murdered by Chase, Cordelia. Postmortem decapitation by Wyndam-Pryce, Wesley.

Marital Status: Single; currently recovering from unfortunate relationship of unknown status with Wyndam-Pryce, Wesley (June 2002--January 2003)

Current Status: On a postmortem contract with Wolfram and Hart.

Place of Birth: Unknown Location, USA. Fan favorites waver between Central Valley or Bay Area of California and the Northeast. Suggestion of the Midwest has also been put forth because of "Untouched."

Height: 5'9" (69 inches)

Eyes: Blue? Green?

Hair: Brown, with tendencies toward serious blonde highlights.

Education: Mortenson University, JD (1991-1994; law review 1992-1994). Unknown undergraduate degree, though webmistress' choice is somewhere in the University of California system, with UC Berkeley her UC of choice.

Residence: Los Angeles, California.

Position: Post-mortem contractee, Wolfram and Hart.

Family: Mother (senile dementia, in assisted living); siblings unknown (possibly sister?), father's details also unknown.

Vehicle: Mercedes-Benz convertible (silver)

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Gemstone: Diamond

Favorite Beverage: Single-Malt Scotch, though not entirely unfond of martinis or wine

Known Likes: Fashion, Chanel, shoes, money, good sex, red lingerie, booze, possibly comics ("Hulk smash?"), demon fight clubs, gambling, celebrities, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, nifty Palm Pilot, "pretty things."

Known Dislikes: Fred Burkle, vampires, Gavin Park, parking garages, serving coffee, the Beast, getting stood up for skinny Texan girls, losing, Angel, Holtz, Sahjean, Beast-bone knives, getting beat up by underlings, evisceration.

Phobias: Dog food, San Pedro, wine cellars, Cordelia, evisceration

Known Associates: Wyndam-Pryce, Wesley; McDonald, Lindsey; Park, Gavin; Files and Records; Manners, Holland; Reed, Nathan; Morrow, Linwood; Chaulk, Bethany; Angel (vampire); Faith (vampire slayer); Holtz, Daniel.

Further Information on Subject: Please see Internal Document 1013-A-9, Morgan, Lilah (Psychological Evaluation), and Internal Document 1121-B-75, Morgan, Lilah, noted events. [[ed note - previous two links will open in new windows to go to their Notorious home]]


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