Challenge #1
Sometime after Seasons 4/1, Spike hears about an evil lawfirm who might be able to help him with his chip problem. Wolfram and Hart would be happy to help him, for a price. They give his case to one of their rising stars, Lilah Morgan.

Challenge #2
In the summer after Tomorrow and Grave, Lilah's in a bar feeling the sting of one of Wesley's insults. In walks a fresh-from-Africa Spike....

Challenge #3 by Estepheia
How Much For a Soul?
This is a Wesley/Lilah/Spike challenge. Set Summer 2002 - Spike is looking for a way to acquire a soul; Wesley is still looking for Angel; Lilah is looking for fun and games. the first stop in Spike's quest for a soul. There's word on the street about a demon hunter who's also a scholar. An ex-Watcher familiar with vampire lore. Enter: Wesley - Wesley's curiosity is piqued by the soulless vampire seeking redemption (or punishment), therefore he makes the necessary introductions leading Spike to... Lilah. She has the knowledge Spike needs to get his soul. But with Lilah, everything has its price...
R or NC-17 would be nice, but it's not necessary! I'd like a triptych, i.e. a three-part story, with each part focusing on a different character (not necessarily 1st person singular).